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From sleek tile and resilient vinyl to elegant hardwood and plush carpeting, commercial floors serve as the foundation of any workspace, setting the tone for professionalism and hygiene. However, the rigors of daily foot traffic, spills, and debris accumulation can quickly dull their luster and compromise their appearance, becoming scuffed, worn, and permanently dirty. 

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Many hard floors, such as linoleum, acrylic, hardwood, and vinyl have a special wax coating to keep them shiny and make them easier to clean. The wax protects the flooring from dirt, debris, scratches, and cracking. Stripping is the process of completely removing the preexisting wax coating, while waxing refers to re-applying a fresh coat of wax finisher. Stripping and waxing can be a difficult undertaking without the correct training, tools, and materials, so hiring a commercial floor cleaning company is strongly advised.

The benefits of maintaining a clean floor is about more than just improving the appearance of your space. GCJ Facility Services is the gold standard in the commercial cleaning industry and focuses on safety, durability and aesthetic appeal, focusing on aspects such as:


  • Appearance: First impressions are vital, especially in commercial spaces with a constant flow of new guests. A sparkling floor can drastically improve the overall look of any area, elevating the perception of your business. Using proven cleaning protocols and professional cleaning products ensures that your floors always shine to enhance your company's image.


  • Safety: Dirty floors can be a safety hazard. Messes and slippery floors can lead to accidents, potentially resulting in costly business liabilities. Regular floor cleaning can also help remove the germs and bacteria tracked in from outside your business.


  • Longevity: New floors can be expensive. Like any other investment, you want them to last as long as possible. Regular and effective floor maintenance can significantly extend your flooring material's lifespan. We provide consistent cleaning that protects your floor from long-term damage and wear, ultimately saving you money in replacement or repair costs.

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