Valet Services A touch of luxury to individuals seeking seamless parking solutions

We understand the need for guests to search for parking spots, navigate tight spaces, or endure long walks from distant parking lots. That's why we offer to fulfill that need, our valet attendants are trained to handle various types of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury sedans and SUVs. They exercise caution and care when maneuvering vehicles, ensuring they are parked securely and safely. Whether it's at a restaurant, hotel, event venue, or even a residential building, we enhance the customer experience by taking the hassle out of parking.


A Valet helps to ensure that the valet service offered by a hotel, restaurant or other business meets or exceeds customers expectations. Since they are often the first people to greet arriving guests, Valets help set the tone for a visit or stay and greatly contribute to customers’ first impressions. Once our staff complete their valet job duties effectively, we improve the their satisfaction, streamline operations, and leave a lasting positive impression on their clientele.


In addition to parking assistance, we can tailor additional amenities for every individual customer, such as:


  • Detailing


  • Carwash


  • Luggage Transportation


Even minor maintenance services, for example:


  • Refilling windshield wiper fluid


  • Checking tire pressure 


Our complete and well trained staff is always delivering satisfaction thru their unique skills set, such as the ability to remain upright throughout an entire shift, having strong customer service skills to interact professionally with guest, driven to operate motor vehicles with both manual and automatic transmissions. Organizational skills to ensure that keys are easy to retrieve and vehicles are simple to locate, while is able  to move quickly to reduce the wait for guests, providing knowledge of the area to answer their questions, suing the correct communication skills to interact with their co workers and provide instructions to guests.


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